We serve vulnarable families, the sick and elderly as well as the children with no means in African countries around the Lake Victoria.


All our work is done through longtime partnership with African leaders that have a proven record of good diligence and reputation to serve the people.

Our primary goal is to empower people through education, skill training,  loans and agricultural projects to help bring their products to the market.

Our main focus is in:


with our local leader Pascal Uwihoreye in Gisenyi

He oversees our work in Burundi, DRK and Tanzania


with our local leaders:

  • Paul Majimbo and his childrenhome in Moisbridge
  • Daniel Majimbo and his family also Moisbridge
  • Enock and Angelina Wanyonyi in Kitale
  • Dr. Duncan Mogero in Kitale


Pastor Leonard

DRK (Democratic Republik of Kongo)

Samuel Muderhwa


Mwanza: we do a visitation in fall of 2023 with Pastor Pascal Uwihoreye